Autism Spectrum Therapy Data Collection Made Easy.

Awesome Charting & Analysis

Live access across smartphones, tablets, laptops, desktops.

Track skills acquisition.

Free for Parents, Independent Autism Therapy providers.

Support your child's advocacy by leveraging a real-time data collection & analysis platform.

ASD Applied provides a secure & easy to use interface to help track skill acquisition, capture ABC data and much more.

Form Library

ASD Applied's Form Library consists of standardized forms which reduce errors and promotes consistency.

Real-time Analysis

Remove the burden of number crunching & graphing charts.
Leverage our Real-Time reports of Behavior Trends, Mands frequency, Skill Acquisition etc...


Not only do we meet HIPAA compliance, we surpass it.
Redundancy backups, sensitive information is encrypted and case information is NEVER stored on your device.


ASD Applied has the highest levels of encryption to ensure your data's safety and your connection is always private.

Responsive Design

ASD Applied responds to any device your on whether it be smart phone, tablet, laptop or desktop computer.

Cloud Infrastructure

Data is stored & backed in the Cloud. No more worries over data corruption, data theft or storage space for your caseload files.

ASD Applied Simplifies
Data Capture & Analysis

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